Business Spanish

Business Spanish is a year long virtual course divided into two semesters (Business Spanish A and Business Spanish B) and available through different tuition packages. This course focuses on topics related to the business world such as trade customs and commercial communication. Some of the aspects studied include: the writing of business letters (buying/selling products, recommendations, Curriculum Vitae/resume, etc.), labor relations, ways of organizing businesses, the banking system and financial sector, publicity and marketing, types of companies, and the economic and commercial realities of Spain and Latin America. Throughout the course, students will learn the vocabulary and terminology necessary to converse about business topics in Spanish and create commercial business documents that will be useful in the Hispanic world. Instruction is in Spanish.

Prerequisite: Spanish 2 and at least 1 semester of (Hispanic Literature, Hispanic History and Culture, Spanish College Prep, or Spanish Conversation)

Spanish Business is currently not being offered. If you would like to know when the next available Business Spanish Course is going to be offered, Please fill out the form below and we will keep you updated.

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