Conversational Spanish for Educators

Course description: This four-week long course caters to educators (teachers, aids, administrators, etc.) and is focused on developing basic speaking and listening skills needed to clearly and effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking students and their families. Tools and terminology such as everyday phrases, the present tense, classroom objects and activities, likes/dislikes, etc. will be covered and then practiced in simulated real-life situations in preparation for application in the work place. Instruction is in English, though the majority of class will take place in the target language, Spanish. This course is open to all levels and no prior Spanish experience is necessary.

Upcoming Spanish For Educators Schedule

Fall 2017 Spanish for educators

Dates: October 2nd-Nov 3rd

Skip Dates:  N/A (can be requested)


The class will meet face-to-face two days/week (one weekday evening and one weekend class) and will include one day/week of office hours. Scheduling will be finalized week before classes start (depends on schedule of those enrolled).

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