The Fisher Hart Academy uses a Learning Management System (LMS) that facilitates communication amongst students, parents, teachers, and classmates. Students and parents will receive access to our LMS system one week before the start of class along with a pamphlet explaining how to use it. Those parents who purchase the Complete Package will get a training session on the system during their Parent-Teacher orientation. There is also an app for smartphones and tablets that is highly recommended as it allows for real time interaction between teachers, students, and classmates.  

Students and parents will use LMS to: 

1. View grades on a rolling basis.

2. View attendance on a rolling basis.

3. Access grammar and vocabulary exercises.

4. Access pre-recorded video lectures.

5. Contact teacher with questions regarding material.

6. View/schedule time slot during office hours.

7. View teacher availability for private lessons and schedule a private lesson. 

8. Interact with other students in your class using posts, messaging, and commenting. 

9. Interact with students in other classes who are studying the same language and at the same level using posts, messaging, and commenting. 

10. Form study groups with other students.

11. Each student has the ability to set their own privacy settings allowing parents and students to control what information is shared with other users.