Here at the Fisher Hart Academy, we bring your language class to your home or workspace through the use of our virtual classroom system and our LMS. Virtual classes differ from online classes in that they are not simply recorded videos but rather live, in real-time classes making student-teacher and student-student interaction possible. Our classes are all inclusive. All the student needs is a reliable internet connection and a computer - Fisher Hart Academy provides the rest!

Why Virtual?

Remember life before smart phones and GPS? Technology has changed our world and the way we function in it. Simply put, it makes our lives easier. Virtual classrooms are the next step in language education and offer a number of benefits. 


FHA students attend class in the comfort of their own homes or any location with internet. This convenience relieves stress off an already busy schedule. Have a family vacation planned? - not a problem. Scheduling conflicts? - no worries, our students can log on from wherever they are!


Save travel time to and from class. Avoid traffic and join class moments before it is scheduled to start!


Expand your network by taking classes with students and teachers located across the country and even around the world. The virtual classroom breaks down the limits of your home city or state and provides a wonderful opportunity to make new friends outside of your local area. 


Each student receives phenomenal support with class summary and study guides, videos of class sessions when absent along with office hours and optional private lessons to ensure academic success. If you are a parent of a child enrolled in FHA courses, you will be supported as well with Parent – Teacher orientations and conferences, multiple opportunities to give feedback, and monthly progress reports to ensure customer satisfaction