Spanish 2 is a year long virtual course divided into two semesters (Spanish 2A and Spanish 2B)and available through different tuition packages. This course is for students who have had some previous exposure to Spanish. Students starting at this level are expected to be able to successfully manage a number of uncomplicated communicative tasks and perform small reading and writing tasks. Some of this class is taught in English with attention to all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 




Students will be able to understand, with ease and confidence, simple sentence-length speech in basic personal and social contexts in routine listening tasks such as understanding highly contextualized messages, straightforward announcements, or simple instructions and directions. Listeners may still rely on redundancy, restatement, paraphrasing, and contextual clues.


Students will be able to converse with ease and confidence when dealing with routine tasks and common social situations. They will be able to handle, successfully and creatively, conversations requiring an exchange of basic information related to their work, school, recreation, particular interests, and areas of competence. They will be capable of asking a variety of questions to obtain simple information to satisfy basic needs, such as directions, prices, and services.


Students will be able to understand, fully and with ease, short, non-complex texts that convey basic information and deal with personal and social topics to which the reader brings personal interest or knowledge. These readers are also able to understand some connected texts featuring description and narration, although there will be occasional gaps in understanding due to a limited knowledge of the vocabulary, structures, and writing conventions of the language.


Students will be able to write compositions and simple summaries related to work/school, family, and social experiences. They can narrate and describe in different time frames when writing about everyday events and situations. These narrations and descriptions are often, but not always of paragraph length.



A 94-100 4.00                   A- 90-93 3.70

B+ 87-89 3.50                   B 83-86 3.00

B- 80-82 2.70                   C+ 77-79 2.30

C 70-76 2.00                    C- 68-69 1.70

D 65-67 1.00                    F Below 65 0


Weekly Quizzes       30%

4 Essays                   15%

4 Oral Exams          15%

Mid Term Exam     20%

Final Exam             20%



Prerequisites: Spanish 1 (Students who have not taken Spanish 1 with the Fisher Hart Academy, must take an entry exam and pass with a 80% or above to enter into Spanish 2.) 

Materials Required: None

Equipment Required: High speed internet connection and computer.

Late Work:

Late work is not accepted. Quizzes, essays, exams, and compositions may be made-up or turned in late only when the work was not completed due to an excused absence. Legitimate excused absences include the following: religious holy days, a death in the immediate family, or serious illness.


Missing 40% or more of any scheduled classes (either excused or unexcused) for any one course in which you are enrolled will result in an automatic failure.