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Sept. 21 2016

SEA Homeschoolers wrote their first blog piece about us.

Jan 21 2016

I take great pleasure in recommending Deborah Hartranft as a teacher of foreign language. I had the great fortune to work with her for several years, while I studied Spanish. Her teaching is a balanced mixture of structure and practice. She expertly weaves in history and a love of linguistics, that not only makes you retain what you've learned but also find excitement and curiosity, even when it gets difficult. Unlike any other professor, she will put in extra hours, even after class, to help you make sense of a lesson so that you don't feel lost or unprepared for the work ahead. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Lani H.


Jan 18 2016

I was lucky enough to have Deborah as a Spanish Instructor for almost two years.  And although I was learning a new language for myself, I would have to admit Deborah was one of the reasons why I continued my studies.  As an adult with a full time job, some days going to class was the last thing I wanted to do.  But then I remembered how much I loved Deborah’s class and how much fun I had while I was there.  Deborah was very hands on always getting her students to participate and being able to adjust her classes based on the needs of her student at that time.  While Deborah’s classes can be fun, she is also one of the most professional people I have had the opportunity to work with.

I was so determined to learn a new language and really put a lot of time and energy into my classes.  The hardest thing for me was never the grammar, spelling or word meanings but the actual pronunciation of words.  I was so embarrassed with my accent and it was so hard to overcome.  So while I always knew the answer, I was too shy to speak out loud.  Deborah was so patient and so encouraging.  Some days I needed that little extra shove to speak up and not be so worried about pronouncing some words wrong or sounding silly.  As a lifelong language learner herself she understands the stresses, problems, and needs of her students.  At one time she herself was experiencing these same challenges that her students might face.  When I first started learning I never imagined how much I would lover learning a new language.  Deborah was an integral part of this love that I found.  I can honestly recommend Deborah without an reservations.    If you or your child is considering learning a second language you should not hesitate to connect with Deborah.  I am confident you will not be disappointed in Deborah’s skills, knowledge, or ability to teach. 

Celena S.


Nov 19, 2015

"I just wanted to let you know that you are an awesome teacher and you are one of the reasons I kept coming to all of our lessons and not missing even one. You are super dynamic, fun and a professional teacher, and you have a very unique personality that kept me awake for an Hour an a half twice a week after work (and that's a hard task to do :)
It has been a pleasure learning Spanish with you.
I kept telling my friends how great my Spanish teacher is ;)"



Fall 2013

"Prof. Hartranft is a very strong instructor.  The class is energized and engaged.  Key strengths noted are that Prof. Hartranft:

Uses body language to underscore meaning (e.g., uses facial expression to reinforce the meaning of words or sentences)
Generates participation by calling on students; welcomes student questions and allows the lesson to take brief spontaneous turns based on student questions and comments without losing focus. She is enthusiastic and patient and shows an underlying knowledge of how language is learned. She distinguishes between language use and customs in different geographic regions (e.g., Spain vs. Latin America)
and between being correct and being clear; the goal is for students to be able to communicate clearly rather than be 100% technically correct. She tables questions that lead to more advanced topics students are not ready for and does not give more than students can handle. She writes all vocabulary words on the board and compares English and Spanish, and uses English-language examples to explain Spanish.



January 12, 2013

I recently completed Spanish 2010 during the January term. Señora Fisher was my teacher. I wanted to send my praises about her dedication to teaching and commitment to her students and linguistic growth. I feel that my Spanish has improved tremendously after those short 9 days of intensive Spanish. While her classes were thoroughly planned, it was her energy and spirit that kept every student fully engaged. She planned creative listening activities with Spanish pop songs and I can now say that I am a true Juanes fan! I just wanted to express my gratitude for a wonderful teacher and great Spanish 2010 experience!

Julia B.


13 de marzo de 2011

"Deborah ha trabajado conmigo durante las sesiones de inglés y de ciencias con el alumnado.A lo largo de estos meses, Deborah ha demostrado gran autonomía, iniciativa y saber hacer con el alumnado. Desarrolla las distintas actividades con una metodología muy activa, que fomenta las situaciones comunicativas de aprendizaje en un entorno proclivez al aprendizaje, gracias al ambiente de trabajo que crea. Deborah sabe llevar la clase, introduciendo normas de conducta y comportamiento dentro del aula, a la vez que trabaja las destrezas orales en el alumnado de manera muy motivadora para ellos, con variedad de recursos.

Está muy capacitada para la docencia, actividad que además demuestra que le gusta. Es un placer trabajar con ella, ya que, además de su calidad como persona, destaca su calidad como maestra y su capacidad para transmitir."