Fisher Hart Academy versus The Traditional Second Language (L2) Classroom

The traditional foreign language classroom can have 25 to upwards of 30 plus students enrolled. These students usually come from different level language backgrounds and have distinct learning styles. With such a large, diverse group of students, it is difficult to engage every learner and nearly impossible for the teacher to provide any personalized attention. At the Fisher Hart Academy, our classrooms are small (average 6-8 students, 10 at the most) and each teacher has plenty of opportunities to cater to individual learning styles. Our standard and complete tuition packages offer students several, outside-of-class support options, including one-on-one office hours and private tutoring sessions. Our goal at the Fisher Hart Academy is to make sure each language learner has all the support and assistance they need to enjoy and be successful at learning a second language.

Fisher Hart Academy versus Online Language Learning Software

There is plenty of language learning software available on the market today. What sets the Fisher Hart Academy apart from any L2 program out there is the interactive nature of our classrooms and how our curriculum is designed and set-up. We personally create all of our own course materials, keeping in mind the needs of our learners, whether they are homeschooling students, working professionals, or just someone interested in learning a foreign language. Our teachers employ a communicative approach in which activities are centered on engaging learners in communication about things most important and relevant to their language learning experiences and needs. In our classrooms, the focus is on student learning and comprehension; we utilize easy to understand explanations in order to promote learners’ active mental participation. Language learning software provides no instruction about challenging grammatical concepts and if students become confused or don’t understand something, they are left searching the internet, trying to find a site that can break down the info in an easy-to-understand way. Furthermore, at the Fisher Hart Academy, each class fosters a “shared experience atmosphere” in which students feel included through teacher-to-student and student-to-student interaction. Students have plenty of opportunity to express themselves by sharing ideas and opinions and asking questions when something is unclear. This inclusive style of learning helps facilitate communication between teacher and student, ensuring that no student is left confused and upset, having fallen behind the “program” and/or the rest of the class. No language learning software on the market can provide the personalized kind of attention that the Fisher Hart Academy does.

Fisher Hart Academy versus Small Language School/Private Institution

Each and every class at the Fisher Hart Academy is taught by highly qualified, university level instructors with a Master’s degree or above, who have years of teaching experience and personal experience as language learners themselves. Our teachers have strong backgrounds in teaching all levels of language learners and are required to participate in professional development training and workshops throughout the year. Our affordable class rates and package options make it so that every student can enjoy the same benefits as taking a class at a small language school or private institution with the added convenience and flexibility of having class inside their homes! In addition, yearly and quarterly evaluations are done, during which our instructors sit down to go over course feedback from students and parents, allowing us to constantly be improving the quality of instruction we provide. Since we create our curricula and materials, if something is not working, we have the opportunity to change it and make it better, making sure all our students are happy and prosperous in their language-learning journey.